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“People eat with their eyes.”

It’s true. Visual appeal has a lot to do with a person’s choice of what to eat. Professional food photography can build your profits by influencing your customers’ menu choices.

Choose wisely!

Before your customers choose, you must make important choices. Select dishes that are the most profitable and build sales of extras such as appetizers, beverages, and desserts. At Menu Works, we know a number of techniques for influencing these choices. Photography is one of the most effective.

Click on the pictures to see samples of our custom food photos.

What kind of photos should I use?

The menus we design can incorporate stock photos or custom photos.

Stock photos are included in the design fee. Menu Works has an extensive collection of professional food photographs that are available for use in your menu.

High quality custom photos, taken by a professional Menu Works photographer, provide a savory representation of your food to your customers. For a reasonable fee, the photos we shoot will belong to you. They are never made available to your competitors.

Can I take my own photos?

Of course we can use your photos. But it takes more than a good camera with a flash attachment to take appealing photos of food. Good lighting is essential. You must have the right lighting equipment and the skill to use it.

An unattractive photo is worse than no photo at all. Menu Works can provide a professional photographer with the right equipment and years of experience in photographing food for menus.

Photograph taken with Amateur Lighting
Photograph taken with Professional Lighting

Same camera. Same food.
Lighting makes the difference!

Both photographs shown above were taken with an Olympus E-10 digital camera. The first photo above was taken using only a built-in flash. The food appears dull and unappetizing showing little or no contrast. The second photo above was taken under appropriate lighting using Menu Works’ portable photo studio. Professional lighting brings out the vibrant colors and beautiful highlights of the food.

What will the photos look like in my menu?

Of course it also takes more than a professional photo to make an attractive final product. That's why our experienced designers creatively and strategically arrange your photos throughout your menu.

BeforeUnedited photo (click the photos to see larger versions)
AfterThis photo has been adjusted to blend nicely with the rest of the menu
BeforeUnedited photo (click the photos to see larger versions) AfterThe background has been removed from this photo and placed into an attractive menu – a professional touch sure to grab your customers' eyes

The combination of professional photography and a cutting-edge design will make your food irresistible!

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